Benefits of a Tanning Lotion

* Vitamin D and E enriched

* Contains Collagen to prevent sunspots and wrinkles

* Moisturises skin to prevent itchiness and dryness

* Accelerates and Enhances tanning

* Keeps Tan for longer          

Beginners Lotion

-Feed skin tan-loving nutriets with Agave Necter
-Deliver 'high' grade skin care and moisturization for potent tanning results with Hemp Seed Oil
-Smooth skin for improved UV penetration with Coconut Oil
-Smooth and hydrate skin to enhance and preserve colour with Aloe Butter



Dark Lotion

-Feed skin tan-loving nutrients with Agave Nectar
-Sweeten skin for a smooth, fabulous tan with Champagne-quality Grape seed Oil
-Awaken dark tanning with zesty Orange Extract
-Comfort skin with soothing Aloe




HOT Bronzer Lotion

-Feed skin tan-loving nutrients with agave Nectar
-Fast forwardd dark resultswith Double Shot Sugar Cane Bronzers
-Warm up to a hot tamale tan with Cayenne Pepper-infused Tropical Heat
-Spice up colour and highlight an amber complexion with Tumeric



  **Tanning made save by Tan Active**           


Make the Most of Your Tan and Always Use

An Indoor Tanning Lotion